New Years Day Hike

I know that I have said it in my previous post, but I hated the cold and Winter. So in the past, if my husband would have said, Hey, wanna go on a new year’s day hike, during a winter weather advisory, I’d of said, “Hell no!”

Instead, this year I have been working on changing my mindset about Winter, and life in general, so I said sure, why not?

We woke up New Years Day, had breakfast, some coffee, and layered up to go for a cold new year’s day hike—the weather forecast for the day, high of 33 with ice and snow in the forecast. AND………We decided to try out the 12-mile loop at the mountain bike course in Warsaw Mo.

The hike starts out at the edge of a field, and then the trail meanders through a snowy ice-covered forest. As we started, I could feel myself thinking about how cold it was or the obnoxious rainjacket I had on. I was again reminded what I would have missed out on this if I stayed inside. I was able to breathe and embrace the moment. I was able to “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. ” 1 Peter 5:7.

The peace and quiet allowed me to finally clear my anxious mind. I was able to start seeing things from a different perspective. I had stayed dry and warm, gotten to challenge myself, and get a good workout in. Now we have the start of a new tradition.

Let me tell ya, I think that is why hiking is so important to me. It allows me to disconnect from the busy world and enjoy the beauty and blessing surrounding me. When I am rambling, I feel closer to god, and at peace. As someone who struggles with anxiety, those few hours of peace is worth more than being uncomfortable. Being nature has been so therapeutic to me. It allows me space, quiet and distraction-free environment to think through my thoughts. Often times, it puts life back into perspective, from the skewed reality in my head.

If I stayed inside, I would have missed out on this opportunity to continue to grow as a person. So get out, do something new! It may just be what you need!

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