Fitness and Hunting

Fitness has been apart of my life off and on since high school. In high school, I played football and basketball. As with most things, there is a lot more that goes into it than just the sport; you have conditioning and weightlifting.I got into racing dirtbikes. The racing that I did was racing hareContinue reading “Fitness and Hunting”

New Years Day Hike

I know that I have said it in my previous post, but I hated the cold and Winter. So in the past, if my husband would have said, Hey, wanna go on a new year’s day hike, during a winter weather advisory, I’d of said, “Hell no!” Instead, this year I have been working onContinue reading “New Years Day Hike”

Winter Kayaking

Winter+Kayaking= sounds like a terrible idea! Or at least that was my thought before I tried it. I am like most of you, winter…cold…ice….kayaking does not sound like a good time. It sounds like Hypothermia….. But that saying of “don’t knock it until you try it”.. is pretty spot on. I hate being cold andContinue reading “Winter Kayaking”

Creating A Monster(By: James)

This story ultimately begins on April 24th of 2013, the birth of my little boy. I have dreamt of having my own little hunting buddy for a long time, and now it was coming true…           Fast forward seven years, its April 24th, 2020, and it’s the morning of Brayton’s 7th birthdayContinue reading “Creating A Monster(By: James)”

Christmas Camping and Tornadoes

I love Christmas time….. I love the lights, I love the Christmas Spirit, the music, the food, all of it. Well, since I have been teaching, I have also coached basketball. Even when we had Christmas break from school, I would still be going to basketball practice and playing games. So the most I everContinue reading “Christmas Camping and Tornadoes”

Hiking Manitou Incline

2768ish steps with the family So if you learn anything about James and I throughout this series of blog posts, you will learn we are pretty spontaneous. If we plan something out, it’s usually just a few months in advance at most, and that is for something big. I mean, our whole story kind ofContinue reading “Hiking Manitou Incline”

Our First Backpacking Trip

I love Camping……..and I love hiking…….. I don’t know why it took a pandemic to make us try backpacking for the first time. I also have no idea why we decided November was the best time to try it for the first time, but I think that has more to do without impatience than theContinue reading “Our First Backpacking Trip”

Who Am I? (Amber Yeager)

As I sat down to write this, I thought, ok, Who Am I? That’s a good question… I am still trying to figure that out daily. This is what this blog is about, my journey to figure out who I am, my relationship with God, My marriage, and raising two children. While I can’t giveContinue reading “Who Am I? (Amber Yeager)”

Hey I’m James Yeager

I’m a Christian, a father to two awesome kids, a husband to my beautiful wife Amber, and I have an unbelievable passion for the outdoors. I was born in May 1991 in central Missouri. My parents own a motorcycle shop here in Sedalia, so you could imagine I grew up doing everything on two wheels.Continue reading “Hey I’m James Yeager”

The Iconic First Deer Story

This is the story all hunters love to tell. Everyone loves to tell the story of their first deer, and how they got hooked. Mine started when I was 14 years old. I had already been hunting squirrels and rabbits behind the house for a couple years then. So I thought I was ready toContinue reading “The Iconic First Deer Story”