New Years Day Hike

I know that I have said it in my previous post, but I hated the cold and Winter. So in the past, if my husband would have said, Hey, wanna go on a new year’s day hike, during a winter weather advisory, I’d of said, “Hell no!” Instead, this year I have been working onContinue reading “New Years Day Hike”

Hiking Manitou Incline

2768ish steps with the family So if you learn anything about James and I throughout this series of blog posts, you will learn we are pretty spontaneous. If we plan something out, it’s usually just a few months in advance at most, and that is for something big. I mean, our whole story kind ofContinue reading “Hiking Manitou Incline”

Our First Backpacking Trip

I love Camping……..and I love hiking…….. I don’t know why it took a pandemic to make us try backpacking for the first time. I also have no idea why we decided November was the best time to try it for the first time, but I think that has more to do without impatience than theContinue reading “Our First Backpacking Trip”