Winter Kayaking

Winter+Kayaking= sounds like a terrible idea! Or at least that was my thought before I tried it. I am like most of you, winter…cold…ice….kayaking does not sound like a good time. It sounds like Hypothermia….. But that saying of “don’t knock it until you try it”.. is pretty spot on. I hate being cold andContinue reading “Winter Kayaking”

Our First Backpacking Trip

I love Camping……..and I love hiking…….. I don’t know why it took a pandemic to make us try backpacking for the first time. I also have no idea why we decided November was the best time to try it for the first time, but I think that has more to do without impatience than theContinue reading “Our First Backpacking Trip”

Who Am I? (Amber Yeager)

As I sat down to write this, I thought, ok, Who Am I? That’s a good question… I am still trying to figure that out daily. This is what this blog is about, my journey to figure out who I am, my relationship with God, My marriage, and raising two children. While I can’t giveContinue reading “Who Am I? (Amber Yeager)”

Hey I’m James Yeager

I’m a Christian, a father to two awesome kids, a husband to my beautiful wife Amber, and I have an unbelievable passion for the outdoors. I was born in May 1991 in central Missouri. My parents own a motorcycle shop here in Sedalia, so you could imagine I grew up doing everything on two wheels.Continue reading “Hey I’m James Yeager”